【2023/9/14】Yui Kamiji expressed her resolve to become the first champion

Yui Kamiji, the top seed of the inaugural wheelchair event of Kinoshita Group Japan Open, attended a press conference that preceded the tournament’s start day of the 15th. Kamiji commented how she wishes to play well so that those who watch her would want to watch her again.

Kamiji recounted her experience of playing in the Netherlands last February at a WTA Tour event that hosted a wheelchair event at the same time. “It was my first non-Grand Slam event that combined a wheelchair event that had a local flavor and atmosphere not experienced in Grand Slams” she said and added how she thought it will be good to have such an event in Japan as well. Needless to say she was very happy when the decision to host the event at ITC Utsubo was made as it is a very familiar place for her. “ When I arrived at the venue, I was literally surrounded by people I know” she said with a smile.

Kamiji, ranked #2 in the world and a winner of 8 Grand Slam singles titles had played the US Open final before flying home. “ I returned from New York the day before yesterday. It’s a tight schedule with the time difference and jet lag but I could not think of NOT playing this event in my hometown,” Kamiji said. “The inaugural event is quite meaningful” she added and expressed her resolve to become the first champion.

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